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17th August 2021

Coworth Fintech Acquires 50% of Ticketogo

Coworth Fintech and Managing Director Stuart Coles are delighted to announce their acquisition of a 50% stake in Ticketogo Ltd.

Incorporated in 2011, Ticketogo provide a digital image recognition platform to companies, designed to allow for the unique identification and linking of individuals to products or services. Ticketogo’s technology has been patented since 2002 – since then, it has been utilised millions of times over in the UK by many companies. Ticketogo is proud to license its technology to a wide array of entities across all sectors; Sunderland AFC, Eden Project, Odeon Cinemas, National Express, to name a few. A pioneering business in Digital Identification FinTech, Ticketogo has delivered digital transformation for B2C companies for almost two decades.

Licensed and based in the Dubai International Financial Centre, Coworth Fintech Ltd is a leading Fintech consultancy and research company. Formally established in January 2021 and led by Managing Director Stuart Coles, Coworth Fintech Ltd is part of the Coworth group and as such aims to provide best-in-field solutions to its clients.

The unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have required innovative solutions to help the global economy to recover. Ticketogo’s technology continues to have a crucial role to play in this re-opening by allowing for machine readable images to link individuals to unique events. Facilitating secure proof-of-vaccination certificates to be displayed via QR codes and barcodes is just the latest deployment of Ticketogo’s technology and demonstrates the crucial role the company plays in 2021 and beyond. This relevance is well aligned with Coworth’s desire to collaborate with companies which are changing the world, today and tomorrow.

Talks have begun on the best route forward and the expansion of operations is already underway, and it is the aim to pursue new licensing agreements through collaboration with legal funds and experts in the field.

Managing Director of Coworth Fintech, Stuart Coles, is pleased to secure this deal and is positive about what the future holds:

“Coworth Fintech is proud to announce today our acquisition of 50% of Ticketogo Ltd. In 2021 and beyond, Ticketogo’s innovations are more relevant than ever; this was a large driver in our decision to enter this strategic partnership. We are delighted to join the journey of this iconic pioneering Fintech company and we look forward to our partnership driving growth for both Ticketogo, Coworth and our clients.”